Welcome to Mind Games! 

We are a gaming store with 20+ years of experience in selling Video Games, Card Games and many other Collectible items. We carry many products like CCG's , Board Games, CMG's, RPG's, Video Games, and also SPORTS CARDS and Action Figures. We also carry all supplies for games, LIKE DICE and Sleeves and Binder's.

"The game store with so much more!"

Tim Becker, Owner
Magic The Gathering

Monday-Friday: 3pm-9pm
Saturday: 1pm-9pm
Sunday: Closed

Get Directions To:
114 Madison St.
Oneida NY 13421

Our History

Mind Games opened on June 13, 1996 in Verona, NY on St. Rt. 365 (where Cannon pools is now presently). We started here with the help of Ned Kinney of Kinney's Kar Kare. Without his help of renting us 500 sq ft. next to the Oneida Raceway and Hobbies we wouldn't be here today. 

This space offered us all we needed with a phone set up, showcases and a cash register left over from previous store, which we purchased. And Mind Games was born!  

With a brand new sign out front, three showcases, three shelves and a few boxes of Sports Cards, Nascar Cards, Magic: the Gathering and Star Wars CCG's - we did it . We opened a store called MIND GAMES.

With singles filling the cases and some Nascar Diecast to boot we started building a following of customers. But after six months we were forced to move to a 300 sq. ft. location where we made ourselves known as the Pokemon craze started and our business was booming. We started hosting tournaments for Card Games, Board Games and Miniatures Games.

It was during this period of time when Beanie Babies had hit the market and become an enormous success for US. We also stocked Games Workshops - Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k and Mage Knight and Comic Books. With a few Arcade Games!

It was at this point in time we were completely out of physical space till We found a 1,500 sq. ft. location at 169 Madison St.. Where we had more space to Grow and had all the room to game that we needed! This is also where we started Slot Car Racing rentals and sales to our business but lasting only a short time we moved on and sold all our Slot Car Racing Inventory. This is when the "CRAZiNESS" started for Mind Games as the Owner decided to take training into a new art of Body Modifications and Body Piercing started to become available at Mind Games. With the help of 94.9 KROCK and "Rainman" we Held a Grand ReOpening of the "NEW" Mind Games and with a HUGE success causing Madison St. to be locked up with traffic for over 45 minutes.
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